Heroes of Aventuria 2 - Siebenstreich

Created by Westfalia Publishing

More 'The Dark Eye' miniatures in heroic 28mm for gamers and collectors

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All the bespoke minis are in!
2 months ago – Tue, Aug 25, 2020 at 01:27:00 PM

Hi everybody,

We got around to finish the 'Bespoe Miniatures task', and they've turned out incredibly well! I will go ahead and lock the pledges in Kickstarter in a couple of days, and then it's all about production!

Let me present you with:

Vera Ailina Sonan - 28mm

Thalya Di Ravendoza - 28mm

Jander Silverhair - 28mm

Thormalian Child -  32mm

Bespoke Mini Nr. 3
3 months ago – Wed, Jul 22, 2020 at 11:01:52 PM

Mr. Silberhaar is joining the ranks of the Heroes! We will still see some minor work on the staff and 1 more bespkoe mini is still in the early sculpting phase, but we're close to getting that sorted!

New bespoke minis!
4 months ago – Wed, Jun 17, 2020 at 04:06:25 AM

We have a new 4 bespoke minis.

It's a Thorwalian child! The backer was choosing 32mm scale and the little lad is 20mm.

The other minis are coming along as wel and I will make an update when the pics are with me.

Bespoke mini nr. 1 WIP
5 months ago – Mon, May 25, 2020 at 01:01:39 PM

Boris had a bit of a back log that needed to get sorted, but he now started on the bespoke minis proper. 

Well, it's mostly a head at the moment, but what a head that is!

I also received some brilliant shots from a round o play testing that one of our bespoke backers undertook! We're working on Siebenstreich more, and we hope to have a final version ready or you sometime soon.

More soon!

HOA1 - single miniatures
6 months ago – Thu, May 14, 2020 at 02:13:56 AM

Hi everybody,

I have added most of the miniatures from the first campaign as singles to the pledge manager.

The bespoke minis shouldn't take too long either.

I will make another update when Boris starts sending WIP-shots of the bespoke minis.